Welcome to the York Co. SC Democrats Web Site.

Visit our office at 858 Cherry Road, Rock Hill, SC 29730 (map). We’ve signed a lease for this space through the November 2014 elections. Already volunteers use the office to organize voter registration, for phone banking, for strategy meetings, and for training. 

We are now campaigning for a monthly contributions from each York County Democratic activists to fund the office rent and utilities. The change Democrats desire will not be free, but we can share the costs! Check out the GIVE page for details.

Call us: (803) 327-4222. See the York County SC Democratic Facebook page.

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See pictures on our facebook site from the York County Democratic Party Spring Forward 2013 Celebration on Friday, May 10 at John and Punt Presto’s Historic Rock Hill House (and here for a subset of photos on this site).  Click HERE for a list of those who contributed to the York County Spring Forward 2013 fundraiser. Also consider becoming a sustaining contributor by joining the York County Democrats 120+ Club. For members and information go here.

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Message from Amy Hayes, the County Chair

 If you’re like me, you’re struck each day with how fast things are changing. From digital technology to social media to global conflicts, it’s pretty clear that this isn’t the world we were living in ten — or even five — years ago.

Electoral Politics have changed, too.  The Obama campaign of ’08 took a look at academic research on what strategies actually make a difference and put those ideas to work. By 2012, his staffers had developed a system that relies heavily on volunteers, data, and direct communication with 

Since then, it’s proved effective in states like Colorado, Mississippi, and Virginia. In mayoral races or in gubernatorial races, the techniques are the same.

 The good news is that we here in York County have what it takes to master those techniques. We have a committed group of highly trained volunteers, we have the technical ability, and we have a headquarters where people can come together to do the work at hand.

We also have a state party chair who is bringing new passion and professionalism to the SCDP. Jaime Harrison and his team labor every day to ensure that the efforts of motivated counties like York are part of a larger strategy, both for the upcoming elections and for the future.

South Carolina won’t turn blue on its own. But I’m very optimistic that together we can help move the hand of history in the right direction.

Please consider investing in our party by becoming a member of the YCDP 120 Club.

120 Club Members commit to donating at least $10 a month on an ongoing basis. This predictable income allows us to do things like sign leases and write election plans.

The YCDP doing more now with less than ever before. Remember: we’re an all-volunteer organization. We’re fortunate, too, that we found a Democratic landlord to provide a competitive rate on office space on North Cherry Road.  Your donation is a sound investment in the political infrastructure we need to compete in the twenty first century.

Our volunteers ensure that we’re open almost every afternoon, so stop by. We’d love to see you.